Maderia High School Stage Band - 1971

The 1971 Stage band was an audition only group of musicians selected by Charles Medert (Music Director)

Stage Band 1 (Title forgotten)

It Aint what you do But the Way that you do It

Stage Band 2 (Title forgotten)

Madeira High School Band - 1971

Theme from "The Apartment"

Victory at Sea


Madeira High School Horn Ensemble - 1971

Lon Stratton - Sax/Flute | Jerry Purcell - Trumpet | Jim Green - Trombone | Bob Gilbert - drums | Ken Tench - Bass | Larry Pester - Guitar/Keyboards | Bob Lessel - Vocals

Black Magic Woman

25 or Six to Four

Soul Sacrifice

Larry's Song

Song 1

Mercy Mercy Mercy

Song 2


Friday Night Basketball pre-game*

*On the Friday Night Basketball pre-game set, the "Recording Engineer" did not have the microphone placed properly, so we can hardly hear the fantastic vocals of Bob Lessel.....Sorry Bob.

Competition Saxophone Quartet - 1970

Lon Stratton - Tenor | Bob Seybold - Baritone | Mark Stephenson - Alto | Joe Seal - Alto

El Capeo


Variety Show "Oops!" - 1969

Full Soundtrack